Reviews of INSIDE OUT

"Harry Hochman's first solo album Inside Out promises to be one of the year's most fulfilling releases." -Chad Eastwick, Melody Maker Magazine

"This is a songwriter with something to say and, even better, he knows exactly how he wants to say it." -Trace Whittaker, Pop Icon Magazine

"From the lyrically gripping Caryville to the powerful title song "Inside Out", the album impresses with its musical and production quality. In a music world that often seems soulless, Hochman's work is a real highlight. inside out is an album that the fan of handmade folk, acoustic rock and Americana shouldn't miss" - Phillip Gottfried, Sonic Realms

Mary Smith of Planet Singer says "Hochman’s musical style, often reminiscent of Glen Frey’s breezy folk-rock and Jackson Browne’s heartfelt lyricism, exudes authenticity.” 

"Harry Hochman embodies everything good about an All-American singer/songwriter.” - Coyote Music

Colin Jordan of Medium says "It’s effervescent, full of life yet never blustery, and the wide-eyed connection Hochman clearly has with his song makes you want to hear anything he’s willing to write and/or sing."

"Inside Out" sounds like a song that's always been there drifting in the ether, and we can be thankful Hochman was listening at the right time to pluck it out of the air. " - Indie Pulse Music

"From the Motor City to the City of Angels, Harry Hochman's journey is as intricate and captivating as the melodies he crafts." - Wolf Georgia, Music Farmer 5

Dave Franklin from Dancing About Architecture says, "There are some fantastic reference points, and the influence of the likes of Gram Parsons and Jackson Browne hangs in the air, but the album is nothing if not the product of the here and now. It may sit at the sharp end of many iconic sounds, not least that of the Laurel Canyon troubadours and the 60’s folk boom in general, but it is where Harry Hochman is going, not where he’s been, which is the real selling point." 

"Inside Out has everything that a music devotee enamored with thoughtful songwriting could ever ask for and carries itself with loose, confident bearing." - Clay Burton, Independent Music and Artist Insider 

"His talents have cooked for a long time and, better late than never, sport the veteran shine that belies this being his first album release. Hochman isn't finished, however; we aren't hearing the full range of his capabilities. "Inside Out", however, is a song from a human being who has experienced a wide range of life and rewards anyone attentive enough to hear it out." - Garth Thomas, The Hollywood Digest